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Authors: S.N. Namazov, T.E. Taghiyev, Sh.M. Mashayev


Impact-abrasive wear resistance of corrosion-resistant steels and alloys depends on many factors, as well as their microstructure. One of the simple operations to ensure the structural formation of annealed and compact steels is thermal treatment.Thus, it is possible to provide the necessary properties by aking certain changes in the structure with the process of tempering after tabulation, which is a thermal processing method. In order to study the influence of the coo-king temperature on the structure and properties of alloyed abrasive steels, samples made of ПВХ18Н15-56 brand steel were studied, and to clarify the effect of annealing operation on the im-pact-abrasive corrosion resistance of abrasive steels, samples made of ПК08Х4Н5 steel were used. It is often difficult to ensure the longevity of details and products made of construction materials. So, the process of eating them has not been widely studied. Since certain parts of machines and equ-ipment are subject to severe wear and tear, their service life is significantly reduced, and they often break down. For this reason, various technological processes should be developed and technolo-gically and economically favorable technology should be developed to ensure the corrosion resis-tance of details and parts. ПК80Х4Н5 brand abrasive steels have high impact-abrasive corrosion re-sistance compared to 40ХН2МА brand steels. These steels are used in the production of machine parts that are resistant to various mechanical wear. Parts and products obtained by the powder me-tallurgy method have very few mechanical processing shares. In addition, it is possible to obtain highly corrosion-resistant materials of chromium alloys only by coating the working surface with nickel powder. As a result of the research, it was found that it is possible to improve the properties of the steel in ПК08Х4Н5 branded steel, taking into account the chemical composition, structure and technological factors.

Keywords: powder; steel; tanning; corrosian resistance; abrasive corrosion; cooking

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