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Authors: J. Aneli, L. Shamanauri


New polymer composites on the basis of epoxy resin and different fine dispersed mineral powders (andesite, bentonite, diatomite, quartz sand) from Georgian deposites were obtained and their mechanical, (ultimate strength), thermal (temperature dependence of the softening) and water absorption properties were investigated. It was established that all properties of these materials are essentially improved, when the same fillers modified by tetraetoxysilane were used. It was experimentally shown that composites containing binary fillers – diatomite and andesite at definite ratio are characterized with so called synergistic effect – acquirement of the maximal physical or chemical properties of composites at definite proportion of the ingredients. It was shown that exploitation properties of these materials were essentially better in comparison with well known silicate composites.

Keywords: epoxy resin; mineral fillers; polymer composite; mechanical and thermal properties; water absorption.

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