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Authors: M. Chaladze, L. Lomsadze, M. Grigorashvili


Analysis of the dispatch centralization (DCD) systems in Georgia and their operational experience indicate that the relay system has been in use and operating for more than 60 years, resulting in a significant increase in the number of leaks, the depreciation of equipment, and the deterioration of its contacts. At present, in many industrial enterprises and in rail transport, electrical centralization systems are changing to microprocessor centralization. The DTC microprocessor system will provide additional information to the transmission dispatcher and other rail transport users about the transmission status and manifestations of system elements malfunctions. The microprocessor system facilitates the exchange of information between other computing and management systems. The principles, advantages and disadvantages of building a modernized dispatch centralization are discussed. Structural installation scheme for the simplest site is given, in particular the developed station "Vakhtang Gorgasali" in the form of TV control and TV alarm. Extensive conclusions have been drawn by comparing dispatch centralization with old and new systems.

Keywords: Feeder control; zonal auto mode; gearbox control; guard control; arrow dock; arrow spear; auto rotation; auto shift; auto stop; train stop control; frequency generator control.

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